Amazing, AMAZING news! New Tortoisebutler Film, OVERWRITE.


We  need your help in reaching the next exciting stage of tortoisebutler productions: making OVERWRITE (one of Pascoe’s mindbending scripts) the best film it can possibly be.  Read about it here:

You can help by spreading the word using the hashtag  #EverWantedToRobABank

…following the film on Twitter @OverwriteFilm (Twitter) and facebook

…and, if you are able to, by donating:

The lowest pledge is £1 – although for not very much more, your pledge
gets you a ticket to the screening and afterparty, which is going to be
absolutely EPIC.





A 15 second teaser we put together to promote our latest project!

Ever wanted to rob a bank? No? Ever worried you might… do it anyway?

OVERWRITE centres on a security guard who is having a very bad night. Someone is robbing his bank. Someone who looks exactly like him.

A horror-heist thriller, packed full of paranoia and terrifying impossibilities, OVERWRITE is a short film that documents the all-too-rapid disintegration of that guard’s reality along with his desperate attempts to claw back control.



A girl, her robot, an alien landscape.
When upgrading software could cost you more than your sanity.

A film about a lonely terraformer, made to the following criteria for the Sci Fi London 48 hour film challenge:
Dialogue: You can hide, but I’m coming for you, ready or not!
Prop & Action: A mug of a steaming liquid – a character sniffs the liquid, then pours it away.
Optional Science Idea: Mobile/Cellphone that controls body functions and appearance.


LEADTIME : 4 minutes of Robot, Monster pulpy goodness!

Lead Time is our entry for the 2014 Sci Fi London 48 Film Challenge.

We were going to make a whimsical slice of futuristic life requiring almost no effects and achievable lighting and camera work.  Somehow that turned into “Lets Make a Monster movie!!!!!”.  It was an idea that every single person immediately latched onto and fell in love with.  That should have been the first sign of trouble.

Everything was made from scratch including a frankly disturbing monster costume our prosthetics and costume ladies (Morag, Magda and Gemma) made out of stocking, thermoplastic, a dead wig and a rather wonderful actress.

We definitely bit off far more than we had expected to chew and we’re proud of it. Featuring stellar performances from Mat McKay and introducing Zack Kebell, we hope you enjoy Leadtime as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Laundrette Superstar

Laundrette Superstar Episode 1 – Fortuna introduces herself to Robin in her own special way.
[ Starring – Fortuna Burke ] – [ Director & Editor – Robin Gething ]
[ First Assistant Director / Sound – Alia Sheikh ] – [ Director of Photography / Camera / Lighting – Andy Vine ]
[ Costume, Styling & Hair / Clapper – Magda Durka ] – [ Makeup – Christina Rae ]
[ Writers / Performers / Producers – Fortuna Burke / Robin Gething ]


Butterfly System

Our Sci-Fi London 2011 48 Hour Film Challenge entry.  Slightly steampunk.

Prop: A circuit board snapped in half

Line of dialogue: “If I wanted pumpkins I’d go to Halloween Land, give me a steak”

(We’re still bitter about that line of dialogue)



Sci-Fi London 48 Hour FIlm Challenge 2013.
Title: “Crosses”
Dialogue: “There’s no way of knowing I’m afraid. Only time will tell”
Prop: “A torch – A character shakes the torch, pulls it apart, and puts it back together again. It still doesn’t work.”